Carbon Fiber Foot Drop Brace – Right or Left AFO – Braces To Help You Walk Better – Topic Review

Do you suffer from foot drop?

Do one of your patient’s suffer from foot drop?

1.) The Term “Foot Drop” – How It Can Slow You Down

If you suffer from foot drop, it can be due to any number of conditions. A stroke is a common reason why people suffer from foot drop. Basically, what happens is that a person is not able to clear their limb (their leg and foot that is involved) very easily when they walk. This is caused because a person can not lift their toes well, when you try to swing your leg and foot through when you take a stride.

2. ) Carbon Fiber Braces For Foot Drop – AFOs

The term AFO is an acronym that stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis. What this really means is that an AFO is a brace to help support your foot and ankle. An AFO (that is meant for walking) is worn in a shoe when your foot is on the ground.

With respect to carbon fiber AFOs, some people like them because the carbon fiber make up is more light weight than perhaps a traditional thermoplastic AFO. They can also have well needed strength and rigidity while being slightly less bulky for the patient as well. – Many times people prefer a thermoplastic AFO because you have more choice of colors…

3.) Working With A Professional To Get Your Carbon Fiber AFO – Very Important!

It is very important to get a carbon fiber AFO by working with a brace specialist (orthotist) in your area. An impression of your leg and foot will be made and your brace company will use this impression to fabricate a custom foot drop brace for you. – Getting an AFO “Might” work out for you, but the problem that you will have comes down to a follow up visit. – In other words, what happens when you need a slight adjustment to the brace? – You will probably benefit from going to the brace professional in your area to do this, instead of trying to send your brace back to the internet website to have any sort of adjustment made.

4.) Insurance & Braces

If you are going to have a brace billed to your insurance, then it typically needs to be fit by a medical professional. Many times a brace can be covered by your insurance, or the bulk of the cost can be. This is another reason to see a professional in your area, because internet websites should not bill your insurance for a brace unless they fit it to you directly. The brace company you visit will be able to get a quote of benefits from your insurance provider and then a claim can be submitted on your behalf.

Post time: 01-27-2016