Dilemma of Mobile Internet Broad Band Connections when Bicycle Touring

Often adventurous types will do something spectacular, but these same types who live life to its fullest often like to tell of their experiences on Blogs. Unfortunately, often in the middle of nowhere, those dare devils cannot write on their Blogs. Bummer indeed.

Consider if you will an Ice Rock Climber, wishing to tell of his adventures at the end of each day, but there is no way to link up to download his thoughts or information about his heroic adventures? What about a long-distance bike rider crossing the United States and during his journey he needs to write it down for historical reasons?

Well this thought occurred to me as I am planning an adventure to cross the United States by bicycle and yet, how can I post the articles, stories, insights or advice I learn along the way? You cannot really take a laptop on a bicycle and you have no power source either.

Is there a way to over come this dilemma? Who knows maybe I can find someone and leave a message on their recorder each night by way of cell phone and let them post onto the Internet? Maybe I will make a website for it.

Indeed upon completion, I most likely will write at least an eBook on the subject for anyone else wanting to go for it, but what about all those valuable insights along the way? In studying crossing the US by bike, most of the other rides like this take Northern Routes and so these riders would have totally different experiences than me riding a more Southern; West to East crossing.

Of course eventually there will be smaller devices and ways to do this and stay connected to the Internet along the way? Perhaps small wrist watches and tiny wearable computers, using 3.5G wireless and voice activated software to insure the necessary tools, but for now, it appears some of those best insights and memories will only be available to the rider himself. Consider all this in 2006.

Post time: 12-12-2015