3K Roll Wrapped Square Carbon Fiber Tube

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3K Roll Wrapped Square Carbon Fiber Tube


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Using a full wrap of 3K filament fabric and Unidirectional Fabrics, and a clear epoxy coat for a fine gloss finish for clean airflow. Can be used for widely diverse applications, for example in frames and stands, as well as robot arms and measurement set-ups.Carbon Fiber tubes are available in standard lengths of 1000 or 2000m m and thicknesses Can be customized . We can also shorten the tubes to our customers’ requirements. 



  • Surface Finish: High Gloss/Matt
  • Weave:  2/2 Twill/Plain
  • Length/Width:As per your request
  • Wall Thickness: Customized



  • High Strength
  • Roll Wrapped
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Wide Temperature Applications
  • Consistent Cross Section
  • Non-Magnetic or Electromagnetic
  • Light Weight – Less Density


Pictures:                                                                                                              Square carbon fiber tube

Eric Schramm Photography 2013                                                             

                                                                    pure-Carbon-Fiber-Tube for Octocopter

Foldable Hexacopter-Frame


  • UAV/Drones
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Motorsport
  • R/C Models

 Application of carbon fiber tube