Matt Finish Forged Shred carbon sheet plate board Knife Handle Material

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Matt Finish Forged Shred carbon sheet plate board Knife Handle Material


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Forged Carbon Fiber Plate,  unidirectional carbon fiber inside 

Professional CNC cutting can be offered.As for now we have 8pcs CNC machine for cutting.Welcome you to send us the your design for proccesing.

Meanwhile your designs will be kept secret.We won’t resell or cutting for others.

Of course,we also won’t post pictures of private drawings without your agreement. 



  • Surface Finish: High Gloss/Matt
  • Weave:  Marbled
  • Thickness: 0.2mm-30mm
  • Size:400*500mm 500*500mm,500*600mm or depends on your need


Pictures:                                                                                        TIM图片20181108091342

TIM图片20181113140119_副本微信图片_20181119090025_副本carbon fiber foam sheet CNC carbon fiber foam parts New-Material-Carbon-fiber-sheet-with-poly

Arms of drone frame (1)drone frame kits

twill matt carbon fiber plate 3mm

Twill Matt 3mm Carbon Fiber Plate                                                                         


Model Length Width Thickness Weave Finish Tolerance
AN-CFS-0.2 500mm 400mm 0.2mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-0.3 500mm 400mm 0.3mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-0.5 500mm 400mm 0.5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-01 500mm 400mm 1mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-1.5 500mm 400mm 1.5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-02 500mm 400mm 2mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-2.5 500mm 400mm 2.5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-03 500mm 400mm 3mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-3.5 500mm 400mm 3.5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-04 500mm 400mm 4mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-4.5 500mm 400mm 4.5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-05 500mm 400mm 5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-5.5 500mm 400mm 5.5mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-06 500mm 400mm 6mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-10 500mm 400mm 10mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm
AN-CFS-30 500mm 400mm 30mm Plain/Twill Gloss/Matt +/-0.1mm



  • UAV/Drones
  • Robotics
  • Aerospace
  • Motorsport
  • R/C Models